In the coming months, Crossings will continue to curate a list of resources for the bicentennial year. Whether you want to learn more, or you are looking for a speaker or program for a group or event, keep an eye on this page. 

Meantime, here are some resources and organizations to explore: 

The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis, known as Mindekirken, offers weekly services in Norwegian plus language classes (online and in-person) and a weekly luncheon and seminar.

Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library
Located in Madison, Wisconsin, NAGC is one of America’s leading genealogical research centers, offering immigration databases, educational programs, and expert staff assistance.

National Nordic Museum
Located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, the museum presents the history and culture of the entire Nordic region and the legacy of Nordic immigrants to the United States.

Norway House
The hub for Norwegian arts, culture, and business in the Twin Cities, Norway House creates and enhances connections between contemporary Norway and the United States through education and partnerships.

Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
A “bygdelag”(or lag) is an American organization, with members having roots in the same district in Norway. Each lag preserves bonds with its home district or community-of-origin in Norway. The “fellesraad” is the national council for nearly 30 active bygdelag.

Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce
Headquartered in New York, NACC has three active chapters in the United States. The chamber also maintains a close association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway (AmCham), and the Norwegian-British Chamber in London.

Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA)
NAHA is home to North America’s largest archive of Norwegian-American life. Founded in 1925 in Northfield, Minnesota, NAHA maintains a robust scholarly publishing program and holds regular events for its members and the public.

Scandinavia House
The center for Nordic culture in New York City offers a wide range of programs that illuminate the culture and vitality of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

From a flagship summer youth camp, to sessions for families and adults, Concordia College’s Norwegian Language Village offers an immersive language and cultural experience set in the northwood of Minnesota.

Slooper Society
The first organized group of Norwegians immigrants in 1825 sailed on a sloop called the Restauration. They became known as the Sloopers. Their descendents formed the Slooper Society, dedicated to promoting the history and legacy of the voyage.  

Sons of Norway
Founded in 1857 in Minneapolis as a fraternal benefit society, Sons of Norway members also enjoy cultural and philanthropic opportunities. Today there are over 57,000 Sons of Norway members and nearly 400 lodges in the United States, Canada, and Norway.

Sons of Norway Foundation
The Sons of Norway Foundation provides scholarships and grants to its members and communities, such as programs that celebrate Norwegian heritage and culture.

The Norwegian American
North America’s oldest and only existing Norwegian newspaper is serving as host of the Crossings website. Now published by Norway House in Minneapolis, The Norwegian American is a link to the past and a bridge to contemporary news and culture on both sides of the Atlantic.

The National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School in Decorah, Iowa, Vesterheim is home to 33,000 artifacts and 12 historic buildings.

Read about Norwegian-American History

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More Migration Resources

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